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Amy Lee: Opening the Door to a New Life

     In the autumn of 2006 Evanescence made a comeback with their long-awaited second

studio album entitled “The Open Door”. The record was long in the making due to Amy

Lee’s desire to let the creative process take its full course. There were a number of other

distractions too and, as a result, the album’s release was postponed a few times. But, finally

the album came out in October 2006, earning the band their first No.1 ranking on the Billboard

200 album chart. The first single from the record “Call Me When You’re Sober” brought

Evanescence back to the top of playlists all over the world. Released on September 25, 2006,

the song hit the Top 10 of 35 charts in 20 countries. Musically, “Call Me When You’re Sober”

is quite similar to Evanescence’s previous work: Amy’s robust vocals are in fine form, and the

powerful guitar chords give way to quiet, contemplative moments. It is believed that the song

(and most of the album) was inspired by Amy’s relationship with Shaun Morgan, frontman of

the rock band Seether. Their romance lasted for about two years but ended due to ...

(полный текст читайте в "E&M" №2 2007. В продаже с 22.05.07)

В номере:

Tom Kaulitz Fined for Fan Assault 

На записи, сделанной камерой наблюдения, видно, как он опустил стекло и, похоже, бросил в фанатку зажженную сигарету. После чего женщина подобрала окурок и потушила его о стекло, вынудив Каулитца выйти из машины и, по-видимому, ударить ее, от чего у нее остался синяк под глазом. (Читать дальше>>>)

Shakira Loves Lyrical Riddles

Shakira doesn\'t care if her lyrics don\'t make sense.

The Columbian singer – whose songs have included bizarre lines such as "I\'m starting to feel just a little abused like a coffee machine in an office" in current hit \'She Wolf\' – admits she struggles to explain the meanings behind the words in her songs. (продолжение и перевод>>>)

Урок английского с Бритни Спирс!

Забавное видео с Бритни Спирс поможет вам разобраться в теме “Условные предложения 2-го типа”: http://www.englishlearner.ru/articles/p1/index_463.html



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