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Panic! At the Disco: A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out

Since their explosion onto the music scene in 2005 Panic! At the Disco have been making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. Their rapid rise to fame and diverse fan-base proves that their off-the-wall fusion of rock, pop, and electronica really has international mass appeal. While P!ATD may not be causing panic at discos, this lively young band is certainly rocking the dance floors!

P!ATD, like The Killers, are from Las Vegas, Nevada in America. The band started life as a two-piece outfit with 13 year old friends Ryan Ross (guitar, vocals) and Spencer Smith (drums) playing {Blink-182:Blink} covers in their spare time. Soon the two-piece became a quartet when they invited classmates Brendon Urie (vocals, guitar) and Brent Wilson (bass) to join them. They came up with the band name {Panic! At the Disco:Panic} – from a Name Taken song entitled “Panic” – and the band was born.

As they had nowhere to practise they started rehearsing in Spencer’s grandmother’s living room or garage and began writing songs of their own – these tracks would later form the basis of their first album “A Fever You Can't Sweat Out”.

Although the band was making progress musically, there was little chance of getting local gigs or finding a decent promoter in Vegas. So, they began posting their demo recordings on the Internet in the hope of attracting attention. Through the LiveJournal blog site P!ATD caught the eye of Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz who recognized their talent and came to see the band in person. Following their meeting P!ATD became the first band to sign to Wentz’s record label.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly for the young musicians but they still hadn’t completed their studies in school. Spencer and Brent finished high school through a distance learning programme, Brendon studied in the daytime and rehearsed with the band at night, and Ryan quit university altogether during his first year, which caused a major rift with his dad.

(полный текст читайте в "E&M" №2 2007. В продаже с 22.05.07)

В номере:

Tom Kaulitz Fined for Fan Assault 

На записи, сделанной камерой наблюдения, видно, как он опустил стекло и, похоже, бросил в фанатку зажженную сигарету. После чего женщина подобрала окурок и потушила его о стекло, вынудив Каулитца выйти из машины и, по-видимому, ударить ее, от чего у нее остался синяк под глазом. (Читать дальше>>>)

Shakira Loves Lyrical Riddles

Shakira doesn\'t care if her lyrics don\'t make sense.

The Columbian singer – whose songs have included bizarre lines such as "I\'m starting to feel just a little abused like a coffee machine in an office" in current hit \'She Wolf\' – admits she struggles to explain the meanings behind the words in her songs. (продолжение и перевод>>>)

Урок английского с Бритни Спирс!

Забавное видео с Бритни Спирс поможет вам разобраться в теме “Условные предложения 2-го типа”: http://www.englishlearner.ru/articles/p1/index_463.html



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