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Seryoga: A Guy from Our Neighbourhood

Sergei Parkhomenko is a musician from Gomel better known across the CIS as Seryoga. He has achieved a lot in his 30-something years: finishing secondary school, spending two years at university, living 5 years in Germany before returning to his homeland and finding fame and fortune as the inventor of the so called “sports ditty” – a new musical style combining rap, Russian chanson and folk melodies.

This new style, however, did not win the hearts of listeners straight away. Seryoga’s first maxi single “Загубили Лялю” (“They Wasted Lyalya”), released in 2003, received a rather cold response from the public. For over a year the major music TV channels were hesitant about airing his first music video for the song “Кукла” (“Doll”). At that time it was largely pop music that dominated Russian show business. Well-known producers willingly invested their money in various pop acts since they were absolutely sure their investments would bring in a healthy return in a short time. Before Seryoga came on the scene no Russian hip-hop acts had managed to achieve any notable success. That’s why everyone was rather sceptical about the idea of Russian language hip-hop and no one believed it could ever become popular in Russia.

(полный текст читайте в "E&M" №2 2007. В продаже с 22.05.07)

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Tom Kaulitz Fined for Fan Assault 

На записи, сделанной камерой наблюдения, видно, как он опустил стекло и, похоже, бросил в фанатку зажженную сигарету. После чего женщина подобрала окурок и потушила его о стекло, вынудив Каулитца выйти из машины и, по-видимому, ударить ее, от чего у нее остался синяк под глазом. (Читать дальше>>>)

Shakira Loves Lyrical Riddles

Shakira doesn\'t care if her lyrics don\'t make sense.

The Columbian singer – whose songs have included bizarre lines such as "I\'m starting to feel just a little abused like a coffee machine in an office" in current hit \'She Wolf\' – admits she struggles to explain the meanings behind the words in her songs. (продолжение и перевод>>>)

Урок английского с Бритни Спирс!

Забавное видео с Бритни Спирс поможет вам разобраться в теме “Условные предложения 2-го типа”: http://www.englishlearner.ru/articles/p1/index_463.html



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