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Helena Paparizou's Profile



·         Helena Paparizou was born on January 31, 1982.

·         Helena’s parents are Greek, but she was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden.

·         Her Greek name Elena is often misspelled Helena, because the name Helena (not Elena) exists in Sweden and many other European countries. The singer herself admitted that she was forced by her record company to spell her name with an “h”. However, she has made it known that her name is Elena and this is how she prefers to be known.

·         Elena speaks fluent Greek, Swedish and English (and has also studied French), and has mentioned that her dream would be to make a song whose lyrics were made up of words in every language in the world.

·         She took an early liking to performing and began singing and dancing when she was child.

·         At the age of seventeen Helena with her childhood friend Nikos Panagiotidis formed the band Antique, and almost immediately got a contract with a record label.


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